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Setting Up Modded Minecraft

0. Sanity Check

This guide will only work under the following conditions:

If these aren't true for you, stop reading here and consult with one of your server admins.

1. Installing Java

Minecraft depends on Java. It's important that you have the latest 64-bit edition of Java installed.

  1. Go to Adoptium
  2. Select "OpenJDK 8"
  3. Click "Latest release"
  4. Run through the installer

2. Installing MultiMC

MultiMC is the launcher that we use to organize our modpacks. It has a number of features to make pack installation easier.

  1. Download MultiMC
  2. Extract the zip file somewhere, like your desktop or Documents folder
  3. Run multimc.exe

MultiMC will then run you through basic setup. You can accept the defaults, but will probably want to change the following:

After that, it'll drop you to the main screen and you can progress to the next step.

3. Installing a Modpack

All modpacks here are installable through MultiMC.

  1. Download the modpack you want to play
  2. Open MultiMC
  3. Hit the "Add Instance" button in the upper-left
  4. Pick the option on the left called "Import from Zip"
  5. Browse for the zip you just downloaded
  6. Click OK

This will set you up with a nice, shiny new instance with all the mods ready to go. Double-click it to launch it.

If MultiMC prompts for it, be sure to set up your Minecraft account.

4. Joining the Server

Now the last thing we need to do is connect you to the server.

  1. Launch the game by double-clicking the modpack icon
  2. Copy the server URL (something like modpack.mc.9iron.club)
  3. In the game, go to "Multiplayer", and click "Add Server"
  4. Stick whatever name you want in the name field and paste the server URL in the "IP Address" field
  5. Double-click it to join

You're looking for the huge, can't-miss-it serif font with the gray background: